Educational Support for First Time Attendees to the APIC International Conference

Through our fund raising efforts and special donations,  APIC Indiana annually awards at least one $2000 educational support for current members who need monetary assistance to attend the APIC International Educational Conference. Application is open only to individuals who have not previously attended the Conference.

Increased attendance of APIC Indiana members serves to strengthen Chapter 076 and contributes significantly in the development of strong leaders at the state and regional levels by:

1. Providing challenging educational sessions, which enable the APIC
member to enhance his or her own personal Infection prevention knowledge and practices;
2. Informing APIC Indiana members about the many goals and activities of APIC National through the various activities and resources available at the conference;
3. Promoting fellowship and the free exchange of ideas with international APIC members / speakers in multiple areas of Infection prevention and
4. Increasing enthusiasm to participate in state and region functions to further the creative and expert work performed by Indiana infection preventionists.

Members active in Chapter 076 functions (e.g., regular attendance at APIC Indiana Chapter Board of Directors meetings, chapter educational conferences and regional meetings) receive special consideration.

Awarding educational support funds is at discretion of APIC Indiana’s Board of Directors and goes to an applicant who is in good standing and meets the following conditions and requirements. Employment in any type of facility doing Infection Prevention is accepted.

1. The applicant must be a currently active member of International APIC, APIC Chapter 076 and their APIC Indiana region.
2. The applicant must have been in the field of infection prevention for at least one year.
3. The applicant must submit a written application to the Chapter President or Treasurer detailing the following:

  • Demographic data including name, address, telephone, FAX, email, employer and number of years in infection prevention;
  • Reasons for wanting to attend the International APIC Conference;
  • Circumstances that would prevent attendance without the educational support;
  • An approximate budget, including registration, room, travel    and meals and
  • How you will disseminate the knowledge you gain at the conference to the APIC Indiana membership. (e.g., design a poster display, give a brief presentation (5 minutes) at the fall state Conference, or write an article for the state newsletter).  Awardees will need to do one of these.

4. Use of the awarded funds is limited to expenses associated with
attendance at the next International APIC Educational Conference.
5. There are three ways to submit – via the post, by email or by fax.
6. Applications must go to either the current President or Treasurer, whose emails are on the Board of Directors page

7. The APIC Indiana Board of Directors will review the applications and select educational support recipient(s). The President will notify the recipient(s) of approval or non-approval.  This will be in time to register for the “early-bird” discount.

Please complete the 2018 APIC National Educational Support Form